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Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstruation (Period) is when blood starts coming out through a girl’s Vagina. It is a natural sign that shows a girl has entered puberty; a stage when your body begins to change- your breast starts to grow and hips become rounder. It is also a sign that you can get pregnant if you have sex. Girls start menstruating at different ages depending on their body type, between ages 9 to 14. At first, the periods are not regular but stabilize after a while. Menstruation happens once a month and can last between 2-7 days depending on your body. It is advisable for you to keep a record of your period, either in a journal, diary or on your phone; so you can better prepare for it.

It is important for you to stay healthy and clean during your period and the following can help you achieve that:

  • Bathe at least 2 times every day and wear clean pants during your period.
  • Use a clean cloth or sanitary pads (if you are using a cloth, wash it thoroughly and hang it in a sunny place to dry).
  • Change your cloth or sanitary pad every 3-4hours to avoid infections or getting stained.
  • If you get stained, don’t be shy to ask for help and talk to a teacher /guardian.
  • Wear darker clothing and ensure the pad or cloth is firmly on the panty.
  • Wrap used pads in a paper or tissue and throw it in a bin. DO NOT flush them in the toilet or throw them in the pit latrine.
  • Exercise and stretch to avoid cramps.
  • Carry extra pads or cloths in case your period starts at school or away from home.
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. v
  • If you have serious pains (cramps) or heavy bleeding, seek medical advice.

How to use a saNitaRy nApkiN (pAd)

1. Choose a pad of the appropriate thickness, absorbency, shape and style

2. Remove any wrappers or boxes from the pad

3. Get in position

4. Stick the adhesive part to your panties

5. Wear the panties as usual

6. Stay hygienic

7. Always carry extras

8. Opt for more comfortable and dark clothes

How to dispose a saNitaRy nApkiN (pAd)

1. Check your pad regularly

2. Remove the used pad from your underwear and roll it up

3. Wrap the pad in a piece of paper or wrapper from a fresh pad

4. Put the wrapped pad in the garbage can. Never flush a pad down the toilet!

5. Wash your hands when you are done

6. Take out the garbage bag with the used pad in it as soon as possible

How to make your own reusable Sanitary Napkin (Pad)

1. Print out the template and cut along the doed line.

2. Reverse the material and trace the template over it using a marker

3. Using sharp scissors, cut out the two coon pieces

4. Place one piece on top of the other, with the patterned sides facing each other

5. Sew the sides of the two pieces of fabric together, leaving the top and bottom bits open

6. Turn down the edges of the top and bottom bits and stitch along them, creating a hem

7. Turn the fabric inside out, revealing the pattern and concealing the seams on the inside. Sew up the sides/wings

8. Sew a buon in the centre of the right wing

9. Mark on the left wing where you will need a buon hole. Cut the hole and sew around the edges of the hole to prevent fraying

10. Use a ruler to cut two 20cm long x 6cm wide rectangles from a towel. Lay the pieces on top of each other and sew them together along the top and bottom

11. Attach a large safety pin to the top of the lining

12. Then insert the lining into the casing, using the safety pin to pull it up to the top. Finally, remove the pin.

Here you go! you just made your own reusable Sanitary Napkin (pad)

How to WASH your reusable Sanitary Napkin (Pad)

1. Soak in cold water with soiled side facing down for 30 min. Do not use hot water to avoid staining

2. Wash by hand, rubbing the fabric against itself (do not brush). You can use hand soap. Rinse it thoroughly and wring it gently

3. Dry on clothes line, best in sunlight.

4. When it is completely dry, you can fold into nice square and store in a clean dry place. Always put extra in your pouch when going out