Stigma and discrimination – Style Up

StIgMa aNd dIscrImInAtIon

In our Communities, some people treat others they consider different from them unfairly or poorly, which is unacceptable. For example, a young person is bullied in school because of their weight, disability or skin color. People living with HIV are also treated negatively because of their status, and sometimes they are denied access to basic opportunities like Education and Employment

When we treat people living with HIV badly, we make it easy for people to refuse HIV testing or treatment, which makes it easier for more people to get infected

On the other hand,

stigma affects the emotional and mental health of PLHIV.
It makes them to develop negative image of themselves and may lead to a feeling of hopelessness and loneliness

We can ALL be the change by creating Communities without stigma or discrimination:

  • Respect and Support young people living with HIV – it takes a lot of courage to disclose one’s HIV status.
  • Keep their status confidential – it is not your duty to tell anyone about other people’s HIV status.
  • Start anti-stigma clubs in our schools and social spaces.
  • Encourage our families, friends and communities to speak up against stigma and discrimination.
  • Report cases of stigma to your guardian/parent and the Police – a lot of countries have a law that protects people living with HIV from stigma and discrimination.
  • Educate communities about HIV and how to support People Living With HIV.