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PosiTive masCuliNity

Sexual and Gender Based violence (SGBV) like rape and domestic abuse increase the spread of HIV, and as young men we can become role models that do not support abuse or violence.

Here are some tips to make you be a great example for other young men and boys in your community:

  • Understand that women and girls are not less than men, and they deserve equal opportunities in life like men/boys for example, equal pay at work and access to education. Rights are not like cake: they don’t run out if everyone has them! You don’t have fewer rights because other people have them too.
  • Don’t laugh at jokes that belittle women and don’t tease girls if they don’t want to talk to you. They have the right to decide if they like you or not.
  • Speak up against raping, fighting, or beating of women and girls, and encourage your friends to value/appreciate women and girls. As we all know “Real Men Don’t Rape or Hit Women”.
  • Have respect for yourself and everyone you meet; by focusing on actions that make you feel good about yourself, e.g. Kindness, Love, exercise, eating right, volunteer for a good cause, and take responsibility for your health.
  • It is okay to show emotions (cry, laugh, sadness, fear, pain etc.) and seek help when you need it.
  • Find a respectable man in your community that inspires you and you admire who can be your role model (that is, someone you want to be like). Some role models in the world include: Michael Weinstein (AHF’s President), President Barack Obama, Late Nelson Mandela, and Bill Gates etc.
  • Start community groups or school clubs that teach boys/young men about healthy living, gender equality, human rights and being role models etc.
  • There are Laws against SGBV and we have a collective responsibility to protect and promote the rights of women and girls.

We have had a great time-sharing with you about what young people need to know, to help us better protect ourselves.
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Until then, STYLE UP! Be Safe. Peace!